Your Ultimate Guide on Snake Fence

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A snake fence, also popularly called snake exclusion, snake barrier, and snake-proofing device, prevents the snake from invading the enclosed space. While snake-fencing is a very effective deterrent against snakes, some snake species have fantastic athletic abilities to escape some types of snake fencing. So, you should not be too surprised if some snakes (especially the non-venomous) will get through the fence from time to time.

What is a Snake Fence?
At the most standard kind of snake fence, it is a type of material attached to existing structures, such as gates, drains, or fence, to ensure that the snake will remain outside of the property. For those who live in the city, they will probably not need this fixture. Additionally, you don't have to install this on your own since there are snake fencing companies who will handle this. The right company will be upfront on the limitations and benefits of the snake fence.

Who Needs Snake Fencing?
Communities found within half a mile of the natural habitat of snakes will have a higher chance of being visited by the snake. For those who are not sure if their house is found in a vulnerable area, it would be best to call your local snake removal company. If they have to provide their service in a nearby community, there is a chance that your house is in the hotspot.

What Materials Can Be Used for Snake Fencing?
When looking for the best materials that will keep the snakes at bay, the best option would be stainless steel or aluminum galvanized wire mesh. Aluminum materials are sturdy and lightweight. They are flexible and resistant to stains and corrosion. Furthermore, it will be a more affordable option. If you need a heavy-duty material to protect you from larger snakes, stainless steel would be a better choice. The galvanized type will have a resilient and stable protective coating. It has a longer life span compared to the standard kind of wire mesh.

How Do You Install Snake Fence Properly?
When introducing a snake-proofing device in your home, it is extremely important to pay attention to your fence's depth and height. If you want to experience the best result, it is best to install a fence that is at least 30 inches high; if it is a couple of inches taller, then the result would be even better. Placing it at an angle of 30-degree would also be an excellent idea. You also need to bury it at about 10-inches below the ground. It will guarantee that the snakes will not be able to crawl beneath the snake fence.

When you plan to install a snake fence, it is recommended to get rid of the things that attract the slithering creature first. For instance, you might want to solve your existing insect and rodent infestation. Get rid of the clutters in your yard, and have a proper waste management system. It serves as an additional preventive measure to dampen the spirit of the persistent snake. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Birmingham